Friction 57
*SR-18 "Grey Skies"  OUT NOW!
Cali Hardcore/Punk fused with East Coast angst!

For almost 20 years, Friction 57 has been a mainstay in the New Jersey Punk and Hardcore scene. Combining elements of punk, hardcore and metal, they deliver their own unique blend of aggressive, intelligent, and melodic music that is sure to resonate with fans of Pennywise, Bad Religion and Strung Out. Friction 57 was formed in 1996 by four high school friends who wanted to make music with no compromises. They played regionally for a few years--anywhere anyone wanted to see them--and even made it up and down the east coast. With the culmination of several songs, their first full length record, "You Just Can't Win" was distro’d on Scorpion Records in 2002. Now, more than a decade later, Friction 57 returns to Scorpion Records with their upcoming EP release "Grey Skies". With new songs that are guaranteed to inspire, motivate and make you think, Friction 57 is poised to deliver one of the most highly anticipated independent New Jersey releases of the year.


Landscapes & Skylines
*SR-17 "Departure"
Melodic yet powerful!
  NYC's Landscapes & Skylines step up their game with a powerhouse second release!

Landscapes and Skylines coalesced in New York City circa spring 2012. Fueled by a wide range of influences, from Death Cab for Cutie to Balance and composure, and everything in between, the band wasted no time in establishing themselves with their brand of emotional music. After spending some time at Boston based Kennedy Studios, Landscapes and Skylines is proud to release the debut EP entitled “Departure.” Lead vocalist, Kevin Ultsh, says “this record is by far the best thing I’ve been a part of musically. Chris and Steve were really able to help us put together a record that exceeds any of our expectations.” Expect to see Landscapes and Skylines throughout the Northeast, and beyond.
Influesnces include: Turnover, Citizen, Crucial Dudes, Real Friends, Title Fight, Transit, Tigers Jaw, Joyce Manor, Motion City Soundtrack, The Front Bottoms, The Early November, Senses Fail


Know Your Enemy!
*SR-16 "Kill Them (With Kindness)"
Brutal heavy hardcore from upstate NY.  No bullshit just straight up passion and energy!

Know your enemy hails from upstate new York. It's members have been playing in heavy bands for many years, and their paths crossed at a time when this was the obvious direction to take. This is a passion. Not a way to make a living, but an escape from the grind, friends doing what they love. There is no political message, no agenda. Just fun. Our message is simple: be careful who you trust, treat your real friends and your family well, and have fun because life is short, and you never know when your time is up.



Turn It Up
*SR-15 "Stronger Than Machines" 
Emotion fueled Punk/Hardcore filled with melody and impressive musical song writing

Since 2009, Turn It Up! has been actively involved in the New York City hardcore/punk scene. After handing out two thousand self released demo CDRs throughout the world, they've had the opportunity to share the stage with many legends including Cro Mags, Sick of it All, h2o, Marauder, and countless other amazing bands.

It hasn't been easy! Having experienced periods of constantly shifting members,
they remain committed and continue with passion through each hardship; embracing them as they have had a very profound impact in shaping who they are.

While Turn It Up's lyrics take up a wide range of issues, they have a real passion for political and social issues, which are reflected both in the lyrical content as well as their daily lives



Silence Equals Death
"Resurrection EP" 
As a prelude to a future full length release, SED has unleashed 4 songs of fury and passion with hard breakdowns fused with melody.  and it's FREE!

Formed in 2011,SED are guys who have been around the NJ/NY Hardcore scene for years. Members toured, had music on labels and share a common bond, love and passion for what they create. The band also share the unfortunate bond of being in bands that have broken up and left them searching for a new outlet. The name Silence Equals Death not only has meaning for the masses, but for the band individually as people who have been silenced by past events. This band is a resurrection, a new voice, a new fight, their next opportunity to connect with the world the best way they know how.
Past and current band include: In Search Of, Flat Earth Society, American Monster, Turn It Up
, Long Night



Ripface Invasion
*SR-14 "To Not Give In"  
Fast furious hardcore influenced by early NYHC with the New Jersey flavor that the scene has come to love!

Ripface Invasion is a coalition of veteran musicians from the New Jersey punk/hardcore/metal scene from over the past 20 years.
Ripface Invasion is a hardcore band that takes on a late eighties early nineties New York hardcore sound. They draw influence from bands like Leeway, the Cro-Mags, and Sick of it All. They blend it with hints of late 80’s thrash metal, and mid nineties New Jersey beat down styled hardcore. Also, they throw in some punk rock influence from bands like The Misfits and The Ramones. The result is a well rounded original sound, that defies genres and creates it own style of hardcore, that sounds like no other band out there. It’s brutal, fast, and full of energy. The passion of its members is obvious, and comes through loud and clear when they take the stage and perform live.
Ripface Invasion was formed in December of 2010 by vocalist Anthony (Red) Paladino. Red is the founder and an active member of the Earache Records 1997 new chapter recording artist IDK, since their creation in 1990. The rest of the Ripface Invasion line up consists of veteran guitarist Joe EC. Joe is the  founder of New Jersey thrash metal outfit Saint Avarice, Joe also recorded and engineered Ripface Invasion's EP " To Not Give In" The bass guitar duties are held by Tom Conti, who has played along side Red in IDK since 1995. Finally, Ripface’s drum basher is Dan Lockhart, who is a longtime veteran hardcore drummer. He has played in acts such as One 4 One and A Moment’s Peace.



Exit She Calls
*SR-13 "Out Of Reach"
The bands one and only release was 11 songs of great pop punk with smooth female fronted melodies.  

The band started off in 2004 as an acoustic side project of Kristia Moya while she was playing in and out of bands in New Jersey. Because of every song being influenced by different genres of artists and bands, only writing acoustic songs did not fulfill her. Ryan Bertone, had brought up making ESC a full band throughout the years, but it didn’t happen until last summer. She was lucky enough to get both Jeff Lambert and Carlos Rivero right away. From there on, everything just fell into place. Playing their first show as a full band in January, they haven’t looked back since and have already played a large handfull of shows throughout New Jersey and New York. Honest and energetic can sum up ESC’s live performance in two words. They do not play into the gimmicks that most North Jersey bands do which makes their music more sincere. Their hard work has gotten them to play this year’s Warped Tour in Camden, New Jersey and Six Flag’s Great Adventure with Forever The Sickest Kids in Jackson, New Jersey. Even though, ESC is still fresh as a band, they have achieved a good amount and only plan to take it to the next level. This band, with their dose of sweet, catchy, yet edgy sound, could be North Jersey’s hope for a great young pop/rock scene.



*SR-12 "Self Titled CD" 
11 tracks of pure brutality ala Hatebreed and Terror!

What started off as a jam band in 01 eventually grew into a group of skilled individuals with diverse interests and enough ambition to take them all the way.  Augment is a Hardcore/Metal band that stays true to the sound they've been known for over the years. Five different individuals working to create their own style, their own music, and their own history.



In Search Of
*SR-11 "25 Ta Life/Search Of split CD"
ISO delivers four passion filled songs of new school Hardcore.

*SR-8 "Four Scenes One Family"
ISO's impressive debut that laid the foundation for future success and notoriety as one of the scenes best up and comers.

In Search Of was born on June 25th 2005 after playing it's first official show in Taunton Massachusetts. June of 05 saw the worldwide release of the split cd "Four Scenes One Family". The Cd also featuring Colin Of Arabia, Blood Stands Still and Stop This Fall has gotten ISO rave reviews not only in the USA, but around the globe. Spring of 06 saw ISO land on a compilation CD put out by StillBorn Records.  In August the band teamed up with 25 Ta Life to release it's second split in just over a year.  Tours in Canada and the USA fueled the passion and desire of ISO to become a major force in the music community, as well as building a connection both emotionally and physically with it's fans.
The often asked question "what are you guys In Search Of"? Can easily be rebutted by asking "what are you searching for"? We're all searching for something in life. And while we're all different in what we strive for, the common bond remains. We all continue to search, from now, until we die. But then again, once we die, maybe the real search begins



25 Ta Life
*SR-11 "25 Ta Life/Search Of split CD"
Old school vets pound out 4 tacks of fury led by Hardcore mainstay Rick Ta Life

25 ta Life has been around since 93'  Their sound is pure hardcore with a "metal" edge to it. If you live anywhere near NY, and you're into Hardcore, you HAVE seen 25 ta Life play at one time or another. 25 ta Life seems to play shows almost every day and it's because of them that many other smaller bands get recognition. The band defines what the hardcore scene is really about, UNITY. At each show, Rick has a huge table filled with 25 ta Life merchandise as well as tapes, demos, and CD's from other bands. Pile-on's and sing alongs are a trade mark event at all 25 ta Life shows. If you have the chance to see them, and you haven't yet, make sure you check these mutha fuckas out! -hardcorewebsite.net



Sutter Kane
*SR-10 "The End Of Silence"
SK delivered a 6 song EP of heavy Hardcore with a crushing metal edge

Sutter Kane formed in the summer of 2001 at first calling themselves "Lost In Silence".  A couple beers and a few members later they decided it would be best to change the bands name and Sutter Kane was born.  In the beginning the band started out as a jam session having fun and giving themselves a place to go after a long work day.  Sutter Kane later formed into a band that continues to tour throughout the USA and Canada while playing with heavy hitting acts like Love Is Red, With Honor, Embrace Today, The Program, He Is Legend & Anterraba. Later releasing their debut album "The End of Silence" Sutter Kane combines the sounds of metal; Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains and As I lay Dying with the energy of hardcore; Agnostic Front, Leeway, Madball and Hatebreed. Using the passion for music & life as their fuel, Sutter Kane strives to break down the walls and go beyond the boundaries set, leaving nothing but ashes behind.



The Blackout
*SR-9 "Holding On"
The Blackout delivers a 6 song EP of Kill Your Idols meets Sick Of It All style hardcore.  Fast and furious with plenty of pile on and breakdown fun!

The Blackout was Hardcore Punk band from central new jersey. The band was formed in early 1999 by Matt & Ken Hall .  They were joined by guitarist Chris and a couple other friends soon after.  In 2000 they started writing songs and playing through out New Jersey and New York including The Misfits 25th anniversary tour at The Birch Hill Nightclub. Like many bands The Blackout has gone though a few member changes over the years.  In 2004 they were joined by drummer Nick (of friction 57 fame).  Since then The Blackout has been louder, faster, and more in your face than ever. They continue to play with many great hardcore and punk bands including The Misfits, Agnostic Front, The Dickies, D.I, Flat Earth Society, The Damned, and D.R.I.



Blood Stands Still
*SR-8 "Four Scenes One Family"
Some of the first material released by BSS are these 3 great songs that propelled them into the spotlight as one of the scenes hardest bands on any coast.

Originally formed back in 1999, Blood Stands Still has stayed true to the hardcore scene continually progressing musically while helping out others in need. The main emphasis being to create some powerful music and taking it out on the road. The band has finished several successful tours of the North and Southwest with their friends in Skare Tactic, Already Dead, Life In Numbers, Bring It Down, Donnybrook, Cast Aside, 25 Ta Life, and 100 Demons.



Colin Of Arabia
*SR-8 "Four Scenes One Family" 3 hard to find songs by one of Boston's best.  Blistering Hardcore/Punk at it's best!

COA have a reputation for their over the top live show full of hatred and bitterness. They play heavy intense hardcore.  For fans of Sheer Terror, Slapshot, and Black Flag



Stop This Fall
*SR-8 "Four Scenes One Family" 
One of Miami's best delivers their last 3 songs to be released with inspiring lyrics and catchy rhythms.

STF was a punk band that ended up being a hardcore band. When the project came together, it aimed to play a melodic brand of heavier punk rock, but the influences of the members cranked out melodic hardcore punk. The band itself was aimed at maintaining an ideal and a message that spoke to those parts of the counter-culture that were aware of the responsibility that comes with being aware. and to dispel the ambiguity that such statements usually carry, we were leftists, pretty much socialists, and damn proud of it too. This meant that the band would, fatefully, have very few mosh parts or songs about killing ex-girlfriends...with mosh parts.



Heartfelt Discord
*SR-7 "Something From Within" Heartfelt Discord's debut EP mixes all styles of hardcore with pure passion and emotion.  With influences such as fugazi, minor threat, sick of it all, lifetime

In the beginning stages most of the members were currently playing in other bands, so the idea of putting Heartfelt Discord together was primarily thought of as a side project. But since most of the band listened to all different styles of hardcore, the urge to form a band that could express that with no limitations was just too great. Heartfelt Discord got together and began to write songs which they felt best represented themselves while remaining free from being labeled into a specific genre of music. Shortly after the writing process began, natale asked matt, who played guitar in his current nj metalcore band (a life less perfect) to join up with them. After matt’s arrival Heartfelt Discord’s sound really began coming together, and things just started flowing. Since the members current projects weren’t working out for one reason or another, Heartfelt Discord quickly changed from a side project to the only band that really mattered. In late June Heartfelt Discord recorded their upcoming ep titled "Something From Within" and plans to keep moving forward, taking their love for music as far as they can.



Of Fate And Chance
*SR-6 "Grasp The Open Hand"
The debut release from what has become one of NJ's best kept secrets.  This CD showed the growing process of the band as they went on to become one of the most talented Emo/Rock bands in the tri-state area.

Their vocalist reminds me a bit of Brendan from Incubus with his inflection and rhythmic crooning. Well written songs from a group whom have been friends since Middle School. You can tell that they have that great chemistry that only exists between long lasting friendships. Emotional indie punk rock that is captivating and well thought out. This band is as good if not better than the circuit about to tour on this years Warped Tour. Record labels that frequent Smother, be sure to check out this band, they just might make you millions! To think that they're only 19...they easily just produced the most amazing CD I'll probably hear all year. smother.net



One Win Choice
*SR-5 "All The Kings Men..."
Fast Punk-Hardcore with kick ass grooves and melody!  For fans of Strike Anywhere.

Hailing from Toms River NJ, OWC offers up every song to goals of positive social change, unity, and building a sense of community and solidarity. OWC has been playing together for many years. The band strives to deliver music infused with energy, Youth and aggression.



Eyes Of Hate
*SR-4 "Eyes Of Hate"
Fast angry NYC punk rock with no bullshit lyrics and an intensity that makes you want to tear the venue down!

Eyes Of Hate was started in 1999 by singer Al and friend Antonio.  The story can go one forever, but the short of it is, Al died in 2005 and will be missed by all who knew him.  The music however, will live on forever...




Flat Earth Society
The original Scorpion band!
*SR-1 "Demo 2000"

2 Pennywise/Bad Religion influenced DIY songs that led to the birth of Scorpion Records.
*SR-3 "FES Self Titled Re-release"
8 songs of punk rock mixed with old school hardcore that put the band and the label globally on the map!

In January of 2000 FES released a 2 song CD simply titled "Demo 2000". In June of 2000, a self titled 7 song studio CD was released on Scorpion Records. Both CD’s received great reviews in print and web press. Both are also receiving airplay on US college radio and other stations throughout the world. Through some hard networking and a word of mouth buzz, to date, FES has landed on Fifteen compilation CD’s, Two extreme skiing videos and a Video fanzine that featured North Jersey bands. All of which are for sale worldwide. The band had a song featured on a television commercial for the WWF 5 FES songs were included in the regular rotation at the 2000 winter X-Games. FES has played live on a local cable TV show, and has done live on air interviews on numerous college radio. The songs "What Now", "All Talk" and “Friend” have reached #1 on MP3.com and garageband.com's punk/hardcore charts. In 2002 after selling out of 2 pressings of the first CD, The band decided to redo the artwork and re-release a self titled CD with a new audio track and a mpeg video. The re-release finally found FES's CD in most records stores in NJ and other states such as, Arizona, Utah and Texas. 2003 also brought a deal to distro the CD in Russia. FES toured the east coast from Mass to Florida since 2000 and started invading Canada in 2004 The band completed a full national tour of 11,000 miles in 31 days in the summer of 2003, won a lot on the 2003 Warped Tour through Ernie Ball and played to a sold out crowd. 2004 FES played HellFest @ RexPlex in NJ!



*Although never an official Scorpion release
Implode's self titled CD has been part of our catalog from the beginning.  Old school hardcore the way it was meant to be

A hardcore band which formed in 1996 with three former members of EMOTIVE DRIVE (1988-1993). The band currently has out an 11 song self titled cd. In addition, they have been featured on 5 compilation cd's from all around the world. Implode has also received air play on numerous college and internet radio stations, as well as, a featured "on air" interview on WSOU 89.5fm. Guitarist/Vocalist Mark is also the driving force behind the video fanzine "Guerrilla Warfare".

The term "IMPLODE" means "to burst inward." The meaning behind the band name is to try and take negative feelings and use the music and lyrics to transform them in a positive, constructive direction (as opposed to self-destructive). The band hopes that the songs will motivate others to accomplish their goals and provide a means of emotional release. Implode will play anywhere from basements to bigger clubs. They don't mind playing to 5 or 500 people and are willing to play free shows if the promoter is just looking to break even with expenses or running a charity event.

In May of 2002 IMPLODE has decided to call it quits. The band feels they've expressed everything on the last cd and do not want to force writing new uninspired songs for the sake of just being in a band. Each member has grown and gone in separate directions since starting the band, and it seems that it would be insincere to try to hold on to something not felt any more.

Mark has gone on to create the Guerilla Warefare video compilation