What was started in 1999 has now been revitalized in 2012.  Since the beginning we set out to create a unique label that is a family, with everyone supporting each other to achieve their goals. We have many different genres and aim to keep an open mind when working with bands. In an industry that too often asks  "what can you do for me", we ask, "how can we help each other"?

E-mail: scorpionrec@aol.com

A word of advice from the Boss:
   So, you think your band is real good and want to get on a label? You and a billion (and I really mean at least 1 billion) bands out there think the same thing! But your good right? So are about 1% of them. And even with it only being 1%, that still leaves a crap load of bands. Now most labels will tell you "you have to tour"! Sounds great right? All bands want to tour. And chances are, when you do without a label, your gonna play a ton of crappy shows for next to no people. But hey, Mr. Label guy tells you that you have to. Now if your good, chances are people will notice and start to like your band and want you to come back. But remember, when you try to book again, that kid that did the first show is a year older and grew out of the scene. So find a new guy. You work hard, get another show and all the kids that saw you the first time don't come back! Why? They're into emo now. Damn it, right?!? But you do it again and tell Mr. Label guy you did. He then says "well, how many kids are you drawing"? and your like "well, since no one knows us and big label package tours come thru every city we go to, the kids are minimal at our shows". "But we're even better now and those kids love us"!! So Mr. Label guys says "well, that's all well and good, but we needs bands that will sell cd's". And you say...... "But if you just put us on your label kids would hear us, like us, and we would sell CD's"!!! Hello, hello, Mr. Label guy? Are you still there?
Nope, he's not. Why you ask? Cause he just signed his friends band who A. has members of other bands who are popular, or B. found another band that's just as good but he knows them, so he signed them instead! If you were friends with the right people you could get a deal too. But your not, so your here reading this rant from a label guy, the Enemy!
Well, I'm not your enemy, I'm a small time label guy trying to help out bands that I can. And most of all trying to give you the harsh reality and make you smile. If I had the resources to help out all the good bands I come across I would. So where does that leave you? Chances are, nowhere with Scorpion. But hey, there are a billion ways you can gain success on your own. Or at least put yourself in the position to get noticed.
1. Work your ass off by practicing! There are soooo many shitty bands out there. Kids get a guitar for christmas and by spring they have a band and are playing out. Yeah that's great that you can get 50 kids from your high school to come see you play, but god damn it, for the sake of the rest of us, Learn how to play! If your serious about a career in music understand this, the bands that get to the top are not there because they simply know people, they know people AND they can play. You may not like what they play, but trust me, they are good musicians.
2. Once your good, write and play out as much as you can. Every year you will look back at the last and say "God damn, we weren't as good as we thought"!
3. Don't be a Rock Star!! When you gig out be professional! Show up on time and stay after you play. If your friends come just to see you and then file out when your done, tell them they're making you look bad. And if you do the same, you suck and should quit music today! Be prepared! No one likes to wait 20 minutes while some jack ass drummer starts taking his kit out of the bags and bringing the drums on stage ONE at a time. Same goes for when your done. GET OFF THE STAGE!! You can break down your gear on the side. and for the love of all things holy, play your set time. When they say "1 more", play 1 and get the hell off!! The band after you will appreciate it and the next time your the one waiting, just maybe they're reciprocate.
4. Stay humble. The people who support you now are the ones who really count. They don't like you cause your on popular Label "A". and even if you do get on the label you always wanted, Always give the fans what they deserve! Even if there's 10 kids at a show, those 10 kids paid to see you play! Don't be pissy at them, be mad at the ones who didn't show! A good show no matter how many or what the circumstances are can be worth it's weight in gold. If your not signed, ya never know when a label guy might be there.......
This is all opinion kids. If I knew anything for sure I'd be rich! The one thing I know for sure and can pass along to you..... The music industry isn't purely about talent. It's a lot of who ya know, how hard you work, being in the right place at the right time and what can you do for me. It's a real tuff way to make a living, or even to break even. I love to watch those VH1 specials about bands who "made it" by hard work and determination. Hard work only guarantees you one thing. That you'll be able to look yourself in the mirror if you fail and say "I did my best". Success in music is like playing the lottery. You must LOVE playing, you must LIVE for playing, anything less will make you crazy!