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Over a year already?!?  Not much cooking here at Scorpion. Most of our physical CD's are sold or selling out.
Friction 57 and Silence Equals Death are still out there playing some kick ass shows!
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Grey Skies by Friction 57 is finally here!!
Check out the new video for the opening song on the killer EP!

Get the CD by clicking the Friction 57 CD to the left!

Happy New Year!

Lots happening here at Scorpion Records this coming year!
The SR debut "Grey Skies" from Friction 57 is in it's finishing stages! HERE is a little teaser. 
as well as a video shoot...

Turn It Up
has demo'd up a new song for your listening pleasure. You can hear that HERE
Silence Equals Death also has a new video for a new song in the works and should be releasing something later this year!

We are thrilled to welcome back FRICTION 57 to the Scorpion Family!  We distro'd their debut EP many years ago and now they will finally become an offical member of SR!  Cali punk fused with east coast angst!  You're going to love it!
(be sure to click their picture and check out the facebook page)

The new Landscaps & Skylines CD is out!  You can get it on Itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp!  Click the CD to get your copy NOW!

Exciting news!  We have a new band!  Landscapes & Skylines from NYC. 
The bands debut EP "Departure" will be out in August.
Landscapes and Skylines coalesced circa Spring 2012 and since then has developed their unique blend of emotional music. From Death Cab for Cutie to Balance and Composure, and everything in between, this EP will invoke a fairly wide range of influences, and a roller coaster of emotions, for the listener.

NEW Silence Equals Death Video!

Hey, We're back up and running!!!

3/12- "Stronger Than Machines" by Turn It Up in cassette and digital download AND "Kill Them With Kindness" by Know Your Enemy in CD or digital download are BOTH available NOW!!  www.scorpionrecords.bandcamp.com

2/25- Exciting weekend coming up for Scorpion Records and it's bands! 
Friday March 1st we have the release of Know Your Enemy's debut CD "Kill Them (with kindness)"! They'll be celebrating at their show with Crown Of Thorns @ Bogies in Albany NY
Saturday March 2nd brings the debut release "Stronger Than Machines" by NYC's Turn It Up!  They will be celebrating with a show @ Public Assembly in Brooklyn NY

2/7- The new Turn It Up cassette/digital download Stronger Than Machines will be available March 2nd!  The boys are celebrating the release at a show in Brooklyn NY at Public Assembly.  Click here for the facebook invite page!

2/5- Please call and request Know Your Enemy, Silence Equals Death, Turn It Up and Ripface Invasion on Black-n-Blue's radio show Tuesdays from 8-10pm: www.eastvillageradio.com/
Also hit up www.wsou.net who you can hear locally in NJ/NY on 89.5fm and world wide via the net.

1/24- The HNIC (scott) will be recording a podcast this saturday with this kick ass new site: http://mixtapesforus.org/
The show will air on Sunday and will also debut the release of the next Know Your Enemy song, which is being streamed 1 song every week over the next few weeks.
So not only do you get to hear Mr. Know-It-All's opinions, but you get to hear the next brutal offering from one of our newest bands!

1/18- We're going to release the tracks from "KILL THEM (with kindness)" on Know Your Enemy's bandcamp page http://knowyourenemy-nyhc.bandcamp.com/ , one at a time (In the order they will appear on the Album) EVERY FRIDAY from now to March 1st, which just happens to be the night they play with Crown of Thornz and a bunch of other sick bands at Bogies in Albany! First up TODAY (and previously unreleased) COMA PAGEANT!!!

You'll also be able to grab 2 songs on the new Scorpion Sampler which will be available from the bands at their shows. Or, if you have a radio show or zine and you'd like a cd to review, get in touch: scorpionrec@aol.com

see you in the pit mother fucker!

1/10- Happy New Year!  Check out the new video from Turn It Up CLICK HERE

12/7- The latest from Turn It Up and Know Your Enemy are DONE!  The Turn It Up cassette/digital release will be out very soon as will a kick ass video. 
Ripface Invasion has signed on to release their next masterpiece!
A sample CD will be going out for radio play and zine press.  Please get in touch if you run either.

9/27- The NEW Ripface Invasion video for "To Not Give In" will be debuting October 4th at Midnight on BlankTVDon't Miss It!!